Drift Boss



About Game


Drift Boss is an extremely attractive and interesting driving game, where you will be able to show off your drifting skills like a king of racing. This game will take you into the world of super cars, full of power and charm. You will experience the feeling of speed, adventure and skillful driving skills like never before.

When you start playing, you will be able to choose your favorite car from a diverse and rich list of racing cars. From small and light sports cars to luxury supercars, each has its own unique characteristics and different powers. You can choose your favorite car and start your journey to conquer the race track.

When entering the game, you will be taken to challenging and dramatic race tracks. To win, you need to demonstrate your skillful driving ability and excellent drifting skills. Take every opportunity to drift through corners, turns and curves perfectly to maintain speed and not be eliminated from the race.

Not only driving skills, Drift Boss also requires you to have high concentration and quick reflexes. You need to predict the track and obstacles to be able to adjust the speed and drift angle flexibly. Only when you master all these factors can you become a true Drift Boss.

In addition, the game also has an attractive level and reward system. When completing difficult levels, you will receive bonuses and have the opportunity to unlock new cars, fine-tune and upgrade them to become stronger. Don't forget to earn lots of money to upgrade your car to become the champion on every track.

With sharp graphics and vivid sound, Drift Boss will bring you the best driving experience. You will see super luxury cars, hear the rumbling sounds of the engine and feel the thrilling speed from each drift. Get ready for a dramatic and challenging driving adventure in Drift Boss.

With Drift Boss, you will not only be a player but also a star of the racing world. Prove your ability and become the king of the drifting world. Conquer every track, surpass every opponent and become the Drift Boss not only in the game but also in the hearts of fans. Get ready for the ultimate race and become the king of the drifting world today!


How to Play & Contols

Use Mouse.

Click to go right and release the button to go left.