Bubble Shooter



About Game

Bubble Shooter is a fun and addictive puzzle game that takes players into the world of colorful balls.

Initially developed as an online game, Bubble Shooter quickly became a phenomenon with its appeal.

The player will see a screen containing different colored balls. The main objective is to eliminate all the balls by shooting at them from the bottom of the screen.

When a group of at least three balls of the same color is created, they will disappear.

Players receive points based on the number of balls removed in each shot. The ranking system encourages competition between players.

The game has a level system with increasing difficulty levels. This ensures that players will always face new challenges and never get bored.

The game offers many game modes, from quick play to relieve stress to challenging puzzle levels, requiring tactical thinking and flexible shooting skills.

How to Play & Contols

Use the left mouse button or tap your finger to shoot a bubble.

Aim towards an identical bubble to clear the field faster.