Amazing Crime Strange Stickman



About Game

You play as Amazing Crime Strange Stickman. Move through the streets and your mission is to bring all criminals and thugs to light.

There are quite a few weapons for you to use. Even your eyes can be that weapon. Because there are currently 2 laser beams right in your eyes.

Please play it and enjoy all the content in the game. Wish you luck and win.

How to Play & Contols

WASD or arrow keys: move

T: open nearby garage
Q: rope
Right click: laser
Left click: shoot or punch
Space bar: jump
Left shift: run
X: switch weapon
F: open car
R: open nearby shop
G: grenade
Z: switch grenade
C: switch vehicle camera

Garbage truck controls:

Pitchfork up: Z
Pitchfork down: X
Dump start: Q
Dump end: E
Lift container: space