Drift Boss

Press the left mouse button to drift to the right.
Release the button to drift to drift to the left.

In this game your main mission is to avoid falling off the platform while drifting your car. The game has a simple one-key control but in fact it is rather difficult game.

As you progress, the tracks become more and more dangerous so you will need all your driving skills to achieve success.
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Drift Boss : Game Description

Drift Boss

Despite the fact that there are hundreds of racing games today available on many gaming websites, it is really difficult to find the one which is interesting and addictive at the same time. Today I would like to show you one of the best racing games that I have played and it is called Drift Boss. Let me explain you what this game is about and how to achieve success in it. As the name of the game suggests, this game is about car drifting but it differs from other drift games - here you should try to keep your car on the track and avoid falling out of the platform. The task is simple but the game is not - you have to drive your car left and right down the narrow roads, with some dangerous obstacles. The car can't be stopped so you have only one chance to make the right move and set the right angle. Drift Boss was initially created for smartphones, that't the main reason why here you control your car with one key - press it and the car goes right, release and the car goes left. Even though that the control is simple I am sure you will find in really difficult to complete the game.

How To Play Drift Boss?

As I have already mentioned, Drift Boss is a one-key control game where you must drive the car and keep it on the platform. Your mission is to set the right angle when you turn your car to keep it on platform. Keep in mind that when you progress, you will face a narrow parts of the road where it is extremely difficult to stay on track. You will also see the bumps where your cars jumps up and down and it is pretty difficult to set the correct angle to stay on platform. But don't be afraid - all you need is a practice. Keep in mind that you can also unlock new cars in this game which are better than the default one, so you can complete even more difficult tracks. Enjoy the full version of Drift Boss for free at our website.

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