Extreme Asphalt: Car Racing



About Game

Extreme Asphalt: Car Racing is a great racing game. It brings a sense of thrill and adventure like never before. In this game, players will have the opportunity to drive beautiful supercars on challenging and stylish tracks.

Players will experience the feeling of fast speed, control the car through dangerous turns and confront other opponents in intense races.

The game includes many different game modes to ensure variety and lasting player interest. Besides the traditional cross-country racing mode, players can also participate in fast races.

Players can also customize and upgrade their vehicles to enhance performance and speed. Owning classy supercars and being a true racer is every player's dream.

The game also offers an online multiplayer racing mode, allowing players to challenge friends and other players from around the world.

This game will definitely bring joy and satisfaction to every racing fan.

How to Play & Contols

AD or left/right arrow to steer.
S or down arrow to brake.
Shift to use nitro.