Faster But Surely



About Game

Welcome to the fascinating world of Faster But Surely! Prepare for an adventure full of challenges and thrills as you race through amazing tracks.

Choose from one of a variety of sophisticated and powerful racing cars, each with its own unique characteristics and groundbreaking capabilities.

Feel the excitement as you step on the accelerator at full throttle, along with your concentration and skill to overcome tough racing tracks. Adjusting speed and braking time correctly is the key to victory. Drive smart, take advantage of every opportunity to surpass your opponents and reach the top position on the rankings.

The game also challenges players with strategic and intellectual elements. Determine the right strategy, use smart shortcuts and discover secrets on the racetrack to gain an outstanding advantage.

Get ready to enter the amazing racing world of Faster But Surely. With a great combination of speed and strategy, this game will bring you unforgettable racing experiences.

Let's dive in, and you'll discover the unique features that set this game apart! You will find yourself in a dynamic environment where every turn is an opportunity for accident, and every obstacle is a chance to demonstrate your driving skills.

With 12 car models to choose from, you can unleash your inner daredevil and take part in exciting challenges.