Mad Cars Racing and Crash



About Game

In this game, you'll find yourself behind the wheel of powerful and customizable cars, competing against other skilled drivers in a variety of challenging race tracks.

The objective is simple: be the first to cross the finish line. But don't be fooled by the simplicity of the goal, as the path to victory is filled with obstacles, twists, and turns.

While racing, you have the opportunity to unleash chaos and mayhem by crashing into your opponents. Strategically timed collisions can send your rivals spinning off the track, giving you a significant advantage. But be careful, as your opponents are just as determined to take you down.

As you progress through the game, you'll earn rewards and unlock new cars, each with its own set of attributes and upgrades.

From sleek sports cars to heavy-duty monster trucks, there's a vehicle to suit every racing style. Experiment with different combinations of upgrades, such as nitro boosts, armor, and handling improvements, to create the ultimate racing machine.


Join 12 unique races against formidable enemies. You will make money according to your results.

Try to complete on the podium. The stars you harvest will allow you to unlock new and new levels.

Other game modes will allow you to expand the joy like the arena that you will have to deal with a lot of actions in this battlefield. Read the instructions in the game to play.

How to Play & Contols

Player 1 Controls:

Move: "ARROW KEYS" or "WASD"
Nitro: "N"
Camera View :"C"

Player 2 Controls:
Move: "WASD"
Nitro: "T"