Gotham Chase



About Game

Gotham Chase. is an electrifying video game set in the dark and atmospheric world of Gotham City.

In Gotham Chase, players will find themselves running through the gritty streets of Gotham, leaping over obstacles, sliding under barriers, and performing acrobatic maneuvers to outrun and outmaneuver their pursuers.

If you run out of power, you will slow down, so go on the power boosts with lightning bolts on them from the road to get faster. Use ramps to fly and jump, and when you see the villain truck flare up, it means it will attack you, so make sure to swerve on the sides to avoid it.

Now that we're sure you've understood everything, feel free to begin right now, only here, and check out more of our games with Batwheels when done with this one, you will surely find many more amazing games to like and enjoy to the fullest!

How to Play & Contols

Use the mouse.
Arrow to move left and right.