Drive Mad



About Game

Drive Mad. is a game about a yellow car that helps players experience the adventure of overcoming obstacles along the way.

Players will drive the yellow vehicle in urban, rural or even space environments, with realistic physics controls and weapon systems, and a stimulating feature set.

Step into the driver's seat of powerful sports cars and compete in high-speed races across a variety of challenging tracks.

The goal of the game can be to run as fast as possible or collect points depending on the specific conditions of each level.

Can you handle the speed and outmaneuver your opponents to become the ultimate racing champion?

How to Play & Contols

Accelerate: Use the “Up” arrow key or the “W” key.

Brake/Reverse: Use the “Down” arrow key or the “S” key.

Steer Left: Use the “Left” arrow key or the “A” key.

Steer Right: Use the “Right” arrow key or the “D” key.

Nitro Boost: Press the “Spacebar” or “Shift” key to activate a temporary speed boost.

Pause: Press the “Esc” key to pause the game and access the in-game menu.