Drift Hunters



About Game

Drift Hunters is a beautiful and enthralling racing game that focuses on drifting skills.

In this game, players will experience the powerful feeling of driving and drifting through challenging tracks.

The game offers a diverse range of tracks, including city and country.

Players can challenge themselves through game modes, including story mode, time racing mode and online racing mode with other players.

Drift Hunters places special emphasis on drifting skills. Players will have to focus on controlling the car and creating beautiful and accurate drift paths.

By performing perfect drifts, players can earn points and progress through the levels in the game.

You can change the shape, color and performance of your car, creating a unique and stylish car.

Join Drift Hunters and become an excellent drift racer. Overcome challenges.

Complete skillful drifts and become the winner on this game's beautiful tracks!

How to Play & Contols

Use the arrow keys or ‘W, A, S, D’ to control your car and ‘spacebar’ to brake.