About Game

Shape-Shifting is a unique and fun video game, inspired by the concept of morphing and shape-shifting. This is a game that can be played on many different platforms such as computers, smartphones, and game consoles.

In the game, the player plays the role of a strange creature capable of transforming his form into any object in the surrounding environment. This opens up many unique tactical possibilities and challenges.


- Players explore different levels, each with its own setting and goals.
- To overcome challenges, players must observe their surroundings and use the ability to transform into different objects to move, attack, defend or solve puzzles.
- For example, the player can turn into a hole to slide through obstacles, turn into a hammer to break obstacles, or turn into a bird to fly over long distances.

Transformation System:

- The game has a rich and flexible transformation system, allowing players to transform into hundreds of different shapes.
- Each shape has its own characteristics and features, such as the ability to fly, move quickly, stick, break obstacles, etc.
- Players must skillfully combine different shapes to overcome challenges most effectively.

Graphics and Sound:

- The game has vivid graphics, with impressive and smooth transformation effects.
- The environment in the game is designed to be diverse and lively, from the forest to the modern city.
- The sound and background music of the game are also very attractive, creating an atmosphere suitable for each situation in the game.

Use Shape-Shifting to win the race!

You will play as a Blue stickman, racing against Red, Green and Orange, having to pass a level by winning the race in it, this will obviously happen if you cross the finish line ahead of other riders, which will help you if you make the right decisions in how to navigate the courses.

If the road is a highway, click/tap the car button to turn into a car and navigate quickly, but when you see the stairs, the car won't cut it. That's why you will turn back into a stickman so you can climb the stairs. Make these changes at the right time and stay ahead of other riders to stay ahead of them.

After the first few levels, more elements are added to the tracks, such as water, which you cross by turning yourself into a boat, or you have a path up, at which point you can even Turn into a helicopter to fly up and then back to driving.

New vehicles are added after you complete a series of levels, but that also means the races get more difficult. Now that you've got a handle on the situation, start racing, change shapes, and have fun like never before!

How to Play & Contols

Use the mouse.