Ambulance Gear Racing Stunt 3D



About Game

Ambulance Gear Racing Stunt 3D is an ambulance racing game with attractive 3D graphics. In the game, you will play the role of a professional ambulance driver, with the task of driving to the scene as quickly as possible to save people.

The game has many different levels, each with its own terrain and challenges. You will have to control the ambulance to overcome obstacles, perform dangerous acrobatics and risky rope swings. The track includes many sharp turns, steep hills and deep cliffs to challenge your driving skills.

Main features of the game include:

- Sharp 3D graphics, realistic simulation
- Many levels with different terrain
- Perform adventurous acrobatics and rope swings
- High speed, race the time to get to the scene as quickly as possible
- Choose from many different types of ambulances
- Vivid sound with engine sounds and sirens
- Control the vehicle easily with intuitive command buttons

Show off your driving skills with Ambulance Gear Racing Stunt 3D!
Start by racing against yourself, having to finish at the end of all the streets in the city with your ambulance, and if you win, in the second race you will have an opponent, and in Third level, you will be three total ambulances racing against each other.

This game is a timed game where the key to victory is to set off and start your ambulance before other ambulances. Click the 'Race' button to start the engine and do so as soon as the light turns green!

More opponents are added to street races, but that also means more money to be earned as a reward for winning! It's as simple as that and it's going to be so much fun too, so get started now and invite your friends to play this game too!

With challenging gameplay and eye-catching graphics, Ambulance Gear Racing Stunt 3D promises to bring you thrilling and exciting ambulance racing experiences.

How to Play & Contols

Use the mouse.